Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Management (ACSCM™) (5 days)

Course Overview

IFPSM The development of an advanced Supply Chain requires a sophisticated understanding of several factors, which include how businesses to businesses, businesses to consumers and how businesses to Government interact and influence one another.

Whatever level of Supply Chain your organisation is looking to achieve, the BMTG Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Management (ACSCM™), willprovide delegates with the latest cutting edge principles and practices of sophisticated Supply Chains.

Whether it be a wish to take the Supply Chain to highest end, highest tech level or to make the transition from transactional to strategic, this course, over 5 demanding days, will help you to transform your Supply Chain interactions.

This Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Management complements other popular BTMG courses such as the Advanced Certificate in Strategic Procurement (ACSP™) and the Advanced Certificate in Bid and Tender Management (ACBTM™).

Delegates will learn how to analyse, explore the stages and challenges involved in both developing and delivering an advanced Supply Chain.The following subject areas will be included:

  • Types of Sophisticated Supply Chain
  • Making the change from the traditional transactional Supply Chain to the strategic Supply Chain.
  • Managing the Perplexing Principals, Practicalities and Politics of Enhanced Supply Chains
  • Strategic Stakeholder Management within a Supply setting
  • Developing and Maintaining Complex Supplier Relationships
  • Project Management Techniquesfor Advanced Supply Chains
  • Management of Evolving and Strategic Supply Chains

On completion of this five day training course you will receive your certificate which is certified, through independent assessment and accreditation, by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) PAS Standard.

Course Contents

Introduction to a Sophisticated Supply Chain

  • What is the definition of a sophisticated Supply Chain?
  • What are the main Supply Chain models?
  • Case Study: Making the change from transactional to strategic Supply Chain
  • Exercise: Assessing where your organisation is really at and where it really wants to be?

The Advanced Supply Chain in an External environment:

  • Enterprise Risk Management for Supply Chains
  • Supply Chain Modelling and Predictions
  • Intelligent Data Mapping and Mining
  • The 3 R's of reducing Supply Chain times?
  • Segmenting the Supply Chain?
  • External Costs and Drivers of a Supply Chain
  • Can you achieve operational Excellence and Equity?
  • Where do the virtual and literal Supply Chains meet?
  • How to make E-Procurement work with Fax Procurement
  • Case Study: Omega Watches: Putting a man on the moon
  • Exercise: How well do you know your Customer?

The Internal Environment:

  • Analysing the internal organisation
  • Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses and the unknown challenges to a modern Supply Chain!
  • Mathematical Modelling of a Supply Chain's information flows.
  • Case Study: UK Supermarkets Milk Buying Processes
  • Exercise on what is Logistics Management? How does it differ from Operations or Reputation Management? How do the two contribute towards the 'Supply Chain'?

Developing a Sophisticated Supply Chain

  • Dealing with the 11 Ps that Prevent the advancement of a Supply Chain
  • Why strategic and not just transactional?
  • "But I work in logistics, reputation and image is the marketing team’s job."
  • Complex Stakeholder Management
  • Introduction to Research Techniques
  • Key Techniques to help you devise astrategic approach to a Supply Chain
  • Exercise: Before you Jump: Modelling Techniques to test the theory before it becomes a costly reality!
  • Ways to gain Board Level Support
  • Case Study: The Amazon Way – From Garage to Drone Delivery

Focus on a LEAN High Level Supply Chain

  • The role of technology
  • Managing and Developing Capacity upto a LEAN standard
  • The importance of Communications
  • Exercise: Coping with and Communicating Delays / Bad News
  • In or Out? – The value of Outsourcing?
  • Balancing the Theory and the Real WorldExperiences.
  • Case Study Exercise: Is sophistication all about cost? Why does the NHS need its own Logistics Service?
  • Exercise: In or Out??? How much does your organisation need to outsource your supply?

Advanced alternative Supply Chain Methods to LEAN

  • Agile
  • Just in Time
  • Green Supply Chain Management
  • 'Legile' (Lean / Agile)
  • Case Study: London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 – the importance of 'stress testing'
  • Exercise: Group Exercise: Examine and assess the merits and shortfalls of each approach.
  • Exercise: Individual Analysis of which approach would work best for your organisation?

Evaluating and Refining a Modern Supply Chain

  • Informal and Formal Evaluation Techniques
  • Customer Relationship Management or how to put things right, when things go wrong!
  • Exercise: Improving a Supply Chain is easy as P.I.E
  • How this approach fits in with the broader Corporate Goals?
  • Case Study: NHS Logistics Authority

The Value Chain and the Supply Chain: The last step?

  • What are the differences between a Value Chain and a Supply Chain?
  • How can a Value Chain add value to a Supply Chain?
  • How to implement a Value Chain?
  • Case Study: The 'Fair Trade' Approach
  • Exercise: Are the two complimentary or in conflict with one another or just the logically consistent next step?

Project Management Techniques for Modern Supply Chains

  • Prince 2
  • Sig Sigma
  • Exercise: How can PRINCE 2 help in a Supply Chain context?
  • Exercise: How can Six Sigma drive Supply Chain management improvements?
  • Case Study: Just in Time Efficiency

Managing Complex Supply Chain Risks

  • Identify and Manage the Risks via The ‘4 Rs of Risk’
  • Measuring and Prioritising Risks?
  • Case Study: The DHL way
  • Exercise: Managing Risk in a real world setting

ACSCM™ Assessment *

* Only those who successfully complete the examination and participate effectively in the course case studies will receive the Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Management (ACSCM™)


Benefits of Attending

Delegates will gain a deeper understanding of how to develop and deliver a Supply Chain. By the end of the sessions delegates should be able to:

  • Gain the Advanced Certificate in Procurement Compliance: ACSCM™ which is certified, through independent assessment and accreditation, by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) PAS Standard
  • Use ACSCM™ on your business card and on your resume
  • The ACSCM™ certificate will be received approximately one month following the close of the training course

Who should attend?

  • Procurement Professionals
  • Business Owners / Managing Directors
  • Supplier Managers
  • Supply Chain Consultants
  • Buyers / Senior Buyers
  • Operations Directors
  • Operations Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • Project Directors and Managers
  • Executive Directors
  • General Managers
  • Project and Team Leaders
  • PLUS anyone who is responsible for / involved in Supplier Relationships, or anticipates being involved with Supplier Management in the future



Meet your training course director: John Atkinson FITOL

John Atkinson John’s corporate experience spans some 30 years including Head of Group & Global Procurement for Focus Wickes plc. where he was responsible for the full creation and implementation of global sourcing initiatives, supplier/vendor management and commercial contract negotiation. John has also held senior roles within Barclays Bank corporate and led a wide and diverse range of teams, both locally and globally.

John is a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and also a Certified Instructor in delivering emotional intelligence training. John has wide international experience, including: Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, KDR, China, Germany, France, Sweden, Malaysia & West Africa. Organisations that John has worked with include: KNPC, Petronas, Shell, Total, Lafarge, Nigeria LNG, The United Nations, Zain Corporation, Maybank & Sinopec.

As a consultant and trainer for the last 11 years John is passionate about delivery, and utilises his career expertise to ensure that clients receive leading edge training results, enabling delegates to understand not only the subject matter, but also the application and usage to add value both to their role and within the wider organisational environment


Meet your training course director: Karl Brookes, B.Sc, M.Sc FITOL

Karl Brookes Karl is a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) and has more than 20 years of experience in developing and delivering procurement projects and strategies that change behaviours and achieve corporate objectives.

Graduating in Politics and Sociology from the University of Salford, Karl joined the Civil Service, before working in Sales and Marketing for prestigious clients such as the UK Civil Service, Barclays, DHL and British Telecom. Returning to education, he gained a Masters from Manchester Metropolitan University, and was elected to help run the Students’ Union.

In addition to being a Guest Lecturer at the prestigious Business School of University of Central Lancashire, Karl has written articles on various topics including, financial and energy consumer rights, developing property and even how to avoid a Repetitive Strain Injury.

A skilled leader and deliverer of transformational strategies, Karl is adept at working effectively with employees at all levels in different sizes of organisations. As a trusted ‘safe pair of hands’ in a crisis, Karl has built up many years experience, coaching and delivering training in these and other key corporate areas such as:

  • Understanding Procurement Processes and the Sales Cycle
  • Writing Winning Bids
  • Fleet Management, Resource Management and Utility Management
  • Communications, Crisis & Change Delivery
  • Emotional Intelligence, ISO Implementation, Media Relations, Marketing
  • ⦁ Private Finance Initiative (PPP), Project Management Techniques e.g. Prince 2 and; Management Skills Development


Meet your training course director: Steve Mallaband BSc (Hons) CEng MIET FITOL

Steve Mallaband Steve is a highly experienced procurement professional and a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL). Steve has over 20 years experience holding senior positions with several large organisations both in the UK and abroad. During his career he has bought a large variety of goods and services in an international context, and has been actively involved in both writing tenders and preparing bids. For the last 7 years he has provided training and consultancy to public and private sector clients around the globe on a wide range of topics. He is a knowledgeable, interesting and entertaining presenter who is able to draw on his wealth of practical experience to excellent effect.


Meet your training course director: Ros Howard BSc (Hons) PGCE FITOL

Ros Howard Ros is a professional business trainer and a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL). Ros has a rich and varied career in industry and education. She believes that excellence in communication and other “soft skills” is vital for business success, and has a real passion for instilling learning in others. For the last 10 years she has provided training, coaching and consultancy to a variety of clients in many different countries and from many different organisations. She is a dynamic and inspiring presenter who, having taught English as a Foreign Language, is particularly sensitive to the needs of the non-native English speakers.

Steve and Ros deliver together to deliver the Advanced Certificate in Bid and Tender Management (ACBTMtm), offering you the best of both worlds – a very experienced procurement practitioner backed by an expert in communication and soft skills.


Meet your training course director: Paul Jackson, BSC MICM MCIPS

Paul Jackson Paul Jackson is an accomplished Supply Chain professional and training consultant with significant expertise in the area of procurement, Supply Chain Management, inventory and warehousing management, sustainability and supplier development. Paul has consistently delivered commercial benefits and training across a range of private and public sector markets and has positively influenced large blue chip organisations such as BAE Systems, ChevronTexaco, and Teliasonera as well as Public Sector and numerous SME clients. His ability to deliver projects on time and budget, run operational facilities and train teams makes him an ideal project trainer and mentor.

Paul is an enthusiastic team player and is equally comfortable working within a team as he is leading from the front or coaching from the classroom. He has exceptional change management skills and has the experience and personality to lead large teams successfully through periods of transition. He has run a number of businesses over the years, managed office and warehousing operations, run production plants, and operated datacentres, as well as managing contracts to support the facilities and operational management activities associated within the organisation. He is also an experienced overseas operator having undertaken projects in many diverse locations including countries such as Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Angola, Indonesia, China, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Paul is an articulate communicator with well developed project delivery, contract negotiation and presentation skills. He manages projects with an enviable ease and engages people with a coaching philosophy which focuses on motivation, mentoring and development. He also runs and manages end-to-end Supply Chain audits, feasibility studies and compliance assessments to help drive effective change and identify strategic opportunities and risk. Furthermore, Paul was for a number of years a successful business manager with a warehousing and logistics organisation and approached all aspects of his work with a heavy focus on the improvement of profit through cost reduction, development of markets in locations such as India and China, and through the improvement of skills in the workforce.

Paul is a MCIPS, BTEC and IACCM trainer in Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Negotiation and Inventory Management and lead author of “the Sustainable Business” published in early 2013, lead-author of “101 Tools of Procurement and Supply Chain Management” and co-author of Practical Procurement second edition. He has also published articles in a number of different journals including Supply Management, IPSCM. Intend and Marine Trader. He is a Prince 2 qualified project manager, a Six Sigma Green belt, and has UK National Security Clearance.


Meet your training course director: Andrew Neilson F.C.I.P.S. (Chartered) F.C.I.L.T.

Andrew Neilson Andrew is a professionally qualified and award-winning procurement and supply chain executive. He has led and developed procurement and supply chain functions within leading UK based, globally reaching organisations including in country management across the Americas and the Far East. He was elected as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply in 2016 followed closely by becoming a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in 2017.

Andrew has now taken all of his experience into providing expertise to clients / businesses of any size with end to end procurement, supply chain and logistics training / consultancy services on a global basis. Training is delivered to all types of organisations both publicly and on-site/in-house on Supplier Relationship Management, Category Management, Negotiation, Contract Development, Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management and Inventory Management plus anything you need within an end to end Supply Chain.

  • Achieved Chartered status of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply 2019
  • Elected as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport 2017
  • Elected as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply 2016
  • Nominated for National Travel Buyer of the Year 2012
  • Winner of Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply – Best Purchasing Initiative 2008
  • Finalist - European Supply Chain Excellence Awards – Individual Contribution to Supply Chain within the EU 2008
  • Finalist - European Supply Chain Excellence Awards - Sourcing & Procurement 2008

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