Course Creation Process


Our internal process which we have worked with very successfully is as follows:

  1. Course concept is derived.
  2. Course content materials sourced.
  3. Course developed.
  4. Course verified and critically challenged by Directors.
  5. Rework course until satisfactory.
  6. Format materials in corporate standards.
  7. Create case studies and examinations.
  8. Directors verify case studies for relevance and suitability.
  9. Directors verify examinations for difficulty and suitability.
  10. Undertake course and delegates sit exams.
  11. Trainer marks up examinations and other assessment criteria.
  12. Delegates are informed via partner of successful passing of all criteria
    • Any delegate who has a 'narrow fail' will be contacted by the trainer to assess whether there is a genuine misunderstanding of the question / required answer (often an English language issue) and the trainer makes an assessment based on this conversation.
    • For a mid range fail, the delegate may appeal and resit the examination, assuming they have passed the other assessment criteria.
    • For a substantial fail, and it is usually accompanied by other criteria not being satisfied, the delegate may appeal to resit the examination and accompany this appeal with a letter of appeal.
    • All fails are dealt with by consultation between the individual trainer and the Directors.
  13. Subsequent to this, the certificates are printed and despatched to the partner for onward distribution to the delegates.