Richard Arnott

Martin Davies

Martin has knowledge from in large tier 1 international banks and is able to frame a workshop from a banking or client perspective. He brings great depth of knowledge on internal policy and standard practice for structured trade finance, project finance and syndication. He operates across South East Asia focusing on banks, commodities and energy firms.

Martin has worked closely with a investment banks, brokerages and in the futures markets of South East Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, UAE, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia ). He is an analyst primarily from the risk fraternity but works heavily in deal structuring and valuation from the sell side of the market.

Martin works with spot complex markets including commodities and FX. He has good exposure to rates, fixed income and credit. He has a sound understanding of finance, operational risk, credit risk, capital management, the quantification of exposure using parametric methods and has built several risk systems for financial and non-financial institutions.


Previous delegates at Martins executive training courses have praised him, including:

‘It is refreshing to have a trainer from the industry who not only knows about finance but is able to apply his knowledge in a commercial manner and, is able to communicate to diverse groups of people in a real way’