John Mattock

John Mattock

Over thirty years, John has built a career in learning & development/ change management/ business communication, initially as a consultant/ trainer with Canning International, and since the early nineties as an independent.

His range includes one-to-one coaching, small-group seminars, communication within projects, and moderation of corporate events. Supported by a network of associates, John researches, designs and delivers programmes that drive home generic truths in specific contexts - emphasising creativity, relevance and practicality. Participants at all levels across many sectors value his diversity of experience, and ability to spot the ‘universals’ in many management situations.


Leadership; customer service; negotiation skills

Presentation technique; cross-culture; train the trainer

Change management; career development; team-building

He has worked widely within Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Africa. His books on communication have been published in many languages.