Masterclass in Strategic Procurement Management (3 days)

Course Overview

Effective procurement is nowadays even morefundamental to the success of an organisation. On average, organisations spend fifty percent of theirincomeon buying the goods and services that they need to be successful – and in some sectors this can thiscan exceed eighty percent.It is imperative that this expenditure is managed and controlled effectively. Suppliers, too, form the lifeblood of many organisations and can be a rich source of new ideas and innovation. It is critical to select the right suppliers – those that can deliver real value while minimising supply risk.

Procurement is increasingly being viewed as a strategic function within organisations, with the CPO (Chief Procurement Officer) having a seat on the board. Proactive, professional procurement has become a well-respected value-adding function within the organisation and has achieved the recognition it deserves in delivering business a real competitive edge in the market.

This intensive and highly interactive 3-day Masterclass provides delegates with the skills and expertise required to enable them to create real value for their organisations through the discipline of strategic procurement management.

The Masterclass is facilitated by leading practitioners in the field andprovides a critical look at the whole of the procurement cycle. There is an emphasis on gathering requirements (including contract requirements), knowing the market, writing the specification and then going out to tender to select the right supplier – the one that adds the most value to the organisation – whether this is in terms of reduced cost, reduced risk or access to innovation. Fundamental techniques such as category management and performance management are covered and the need for excellence in contract and supplier management is stressed.

In addition to a detailed exploration of strategic procurement management, the Masterclass includes a session on vital soft skills such as communication, stakeholder management and negotiation.

Questioning is encouraged and there will be plenty of discussion allowing participants to share their own experiences, thoughts and ideas. Each delegate will receive full course notes and a set of templates and other materials that they can take back to use in their own organisation.

Course Contents

What is strategic procurement management

  • Why is procurement so important?
  • The art of buying well
  • Suppliers as the best assets of an organisation
  • The role of the procurement function

Understanding the procurement lifecycle

  • The procurement lifecycle from A to Z
  • Identifying the need and gathering requirements
  • Pre-market engagement
  • Writing the specification
  • Strategic sourcing – choosing the right supplier
  • Contract management – delivering the value

Identifying the need and gathering requirements

  • Involving the stakeholders
  • Needs – not wants
  • Baselining – where are we now?

Writing a good specification

  • What makes a good specification?
  • Specifying the outcome, not the inputs

Markets, customers and suppliers

  • Porter’s Five Forces and other analysis tools
  • Engaging with the market
  • How do buyers look at suppliers?
  • How do suppliers look at customers?
  • Finding the right suppliers

The tendering process

  • The tendering process from A to Z
  • Fairness and transparencyand avoiding corruption
  • Writing the tender documents
  • Publishing the opportunity and attracting suppliers
  • Handling queries in a fair and open way
  • Opening and evaluating the bids
  • Awarding the contractand giving feedback
  • E-tendering – how to make it work effectively

Putting together the Invitation to Tender (ITT)

  • What’s in a name – ITT, RFP, RFQ and PQQ?
  • Contents of a good ITT
  • Framework agreements and lotting
  • Write your evaluation criteria first
  • Selection criteria versus award criteria
  • The use of Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ)

Evaluating the bids

  • Longlisting and shortlisting
  • Does the bid read well and make sense?
  • Bid evaluation techniques – informal and formal
  • Weighting and scoring – keep it simple!
  • Looking for value – all the time
  • Recommendation and approval

Contract management

  • Why is contract management so important?
  • The contract management lifecycle
  • Managing risk and accessing innovation
  • Continuous improvement

Category management

  • Spend analysis – how much do you spend, and on what and with whom?
  • Identification and coding of spend categories
  • The principles of category management
  • The category manager and category team
  • Finding value everywhere you look

Measuring procurement performance

  • Demonstrating the value of professional procurement
  • Calculating savings
  • Other key performance measures

Soft skills for procurement professionals

  • Communication skills
  • Stakeholder management
  • Stakeholder management


Benefits of Attending

By attending this Masterclass you will be equipped with the skills to:

  • Understand what strategic procurement management is all about
  • Ascertain real needs and document requirements and write specifications
  • Analyse the supply markets using a number of tools
  • Write clear and complete specifications – based on outcomes and not inputs
  • Understand the different types of contract – including framework agreements and lotting
  • Identify potential suppliers
  • Write a good ITT (Invitation to Tender) and solicit good bids
  • Evaluate bids fairly and transparently
  • Successfully manage contracts for increased value
  • Reduce risks and foster innovation in the supply chain
  • Analyse spend and use this to create the right spend categories
  • Practise cross-functional category management within your organisation
  • Measure the value created by strategic procurement management
  • Improve your communication, stakeholder management and negotiation skills

Who Should Attend this Course?

  • Procurement Directors / Procurement Managers
  • Buyers / Senior Buyers
  • Operations Managers and operations personnel
  • Supply Chain Managers and supply chain personnel
  • Supplier Managers / Contract Managers
  • Business Owners / Executive Directors / Managing Directors / General Managers
  • Operations Directors /Operations Managers
  • Finance Directors / Finance Managers
  • Project Directors / Project Managers /Project Engineers

* PLUS anyone else who is interested in ensuring that the bid and tender process works well in their organisation – matching the right suppliers to the right customers and ensuring value is created on both sides.


Meet your training course director: John Atkinson FITOL

John Atkinson

John’s corporate experience spans some 30 years including Head of Group & Global Procurement for Focus Wickes plc. where he was responsible for the full creation and implementation of global sourcing initiatives, supplier/vendor management and commercial contract negotiation. John has also held senior roles within Barclays Bank corporate and led a wide and diverse range of teams, both locally and globally.

John is a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and also a Certified Instructor in delivering emotional intelligence training. John has wide international experience, including: Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, KDR, China, Germany, France, Sweden, Malaysia & West Africa. Organisations that John has worked with include: KNPC, Petronas, Shell, Total, Lafarge, Nigeria LNG, The United Nations, Zain Corporation, Maybank & Sinopec.

As a consultant and trainer for the last 11 years John is passionate about delivery, and utilises his career expertise to ensure that clients receive leading edge training results, enabling delegates to understand not only the subject matter, but also the application and usage to add value both to their role and within the wider organisational environment


Meet your training course director: Steve Mallaband

Steve Mallaband

Steve is a procurement professional with over 25 years of experience, and has held senior positions with several large organisations both in the UK and abroad. During his career he has bought a large variety of goods and services in an international context, and has been very actively involved in the use of e-procurement. For the last 7 years he has provided training and consultancy to public and private sector clients around the globe on a wide range of topics. He is a knowledgeable, interesting and entertaining presenter who is able to draw on his wealth of practical experience to excellent effect.


Meet your training course director: Ros Howard

Ros Howard Ros is a professional business trainer and a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL). Ros has a rich and varied career in industry and education. She believes that excellence in communication and other “soft skills” is vital for business success, and has a real passion for instilling learning in others. For the last 10 years she has provided training, coaching and consultancy to a variety of clients in many different countries and from many different organisations. She is a dynamic and inspiring presenter who, having taught English as a Foreign Language, is particularly sensitive to the needs of the non-native English speakers.

Steve and Ros work together to deliver this Masterclass in Strategic Procurement Management, offering you the best of both worlds – a very experienced procurement practitioner backed by an expert in communication and soft skills.


Meet your training course director: Andrew Neilson F.C.I.P.S. (Chartered) F.C.I.L.T.

Andrew Neilson Andrew is a professionally qualified and award-winning procurement and supply chain executive. He has led and developed procurement and supply chain functions within leading UK based, globally reaching organisations including in country management across the Americas and the Far East. He was elected as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply in 2016 followed closely by becoming a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in 2017.

Andrew has now taken all of his experience into providing expertise to clients / businesses of any size with end to end procurement, supply chain and logistics training / consultancy services on a global basis. Training is delivered to all types of organisations both publicly and on-site/in-house on Supplier Relationship Management, Category Management, Negotiation, Contract Development, Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management and Inventory Management plus anything you need within an end to end Supply Chain.

  • Achieved Chartered status of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply 2019
  • Elected as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport 2017
  • Elected as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply 2016
  • Nominated for National Travel Buyer of the Year 2012
  • Winner of Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply – Best Purchasing Initiative 2008
  • Finalist - European Supply Chain Excellence Awards – Individual Contribution to Supply Chain within the EU 2008
  • Finalist - European Supply Chain Excellence Awards - Sourcing & Procurement 2008

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