EPM – Executive Program Manager

Subsequent to many industry discussions, this course was specifically designed to raise awareness amongst Senior Management about the 'bigger picture' of the project management world and in areas where perhaps they have not had any prior experience themselves, but need to know more.

EPM is non-industry specific, ensuring that the participant has an increased appreciation for project management issues across the board. As we currently understand it, this is the only international course developed from the “ground up” with this specific purpose in mind.

EPM, focuses extensively on personal and soft skills. Projects most often fail not because of a “technical project plan is incorrect,” but rather a breakdown in communications, team dynamics, project leadership issues and/or personal conflict issues.

Senior Management and Executives are focussed on identifying and implementing the right business strategies that ultimately, become internal projects or programmes. Success or failure depends wholly on the organisation’s ability to properly implement or execute these projects or programmes. Accountability for success mostly resides with the Senior Management and Executives and it is therefore imperative that Senior Management and Executives understand how to effectively oversee these critical activities.

EPM deals will many of these issues that Senior Management and Executives face and provides a framework to increase personal abilities and skills in order to ensure effective project or programme oversight.