Public Training

BMTG Ltd works with a global network of Partners, offering a wide selection of Project and Business Management credentials which are open to any individual or corporate delegates. Our public training is run in established international hotels in major cities worldwide.

Our public training covers a multitude of project and business management subject areas and are taught by recognised Subject Matter Experts in their field. All of our Trainers have worked extensively at senior positions in their respective industries and bring this experience to the fore.

BMTG Ltd's accredited credentials come in two formats:




In House Training

BMTG Ltd works with a global network of Partners offering a wide selection of Project Management and Business Management In-House training on demand - available to any individual company. In-house training can also be arranged directly with BMTG.

Our in-house training covers all of the subject areas contained in our generic management courses and are taught by internationally recognised Subject Matter Experts.

BMTG Ltd in-house training come in two formats:

NB - for all In-House training, we offer the optional opportunity for a fully documented report to be produced which details the following (amongst others) :

Our In-House training has proven to be a very popular option due to three major factors:

  1. Cost - it is significantly less expensive for an organisation to do in house training rather than send staff to a public course. Per delegate discounts can be agreed with BMTG directly or via BMTG Partners and extensive savings can be achieved through minimising travel, venue and accommodation costs.
  2. Customisation - in order to retain the international accreditation for BMTG credentials, we retain 80% of the content of the generic materials, but the other 20% may be customised to suit the Client organisation.

    Typical customisation may involve quality standards, risks, issues, methodology, SOP's, stakeholders, and other internal processes which you wish to reinforce to your teams, whilst still retaining all the core elements of the generic materials and learning experience.
  3. Convenience - the training would take place to suit your needs. We can make these training events last 4 or 5 days duration, over weekends or at timings to suit your preferences.