Trainer Accreditation Process


So, over and above the content production and quality control process above, the following applies to trainers.

  1. New Trainers are only selected from existing network contacts or specially selected and qualified delegates, we do not entertain 'applications'.
  2. New Trainers generally bring with them their own course content or partial content which, is then subject to the course creation process shown here.
  3. We do not engage freelance trainers to deliver other peoples materials.
  4. New Trainers are walked through the courses with a Director.
  5. New Trainers are invited on site to a course to observe the training style of a more experienced trainer.
  6. New Trainers will present on generic / common topics at their 'train the trainer course' and the experienced trainer will observe and guide the new trainer.
  7. For our flagship Project Management courses, point 6. may be repeated several times until the experienced trainer is satisfied.
  8. Generally, a new trainers will be 'broken in' on a smaller course to gain experience.